For the Love of Beards

For The Love of Austin Fund Raiser

For the Love of Beards

Last year’s edition of For the Love of Austin presented by Worlein Funeral Homes provided a unique fundraising opportunity involving our beloved board chair, Taggert Medgaarden. We offered a challenge that if donations reached a certain level, Taggert’s wife Tanya would be allowed to shave off his beard live during our virtual event. We were thrilled that we were able to raise over $1,100 for AAF and to allow Tanya to remove the beard that she hated.

This year, we want to offer a different opportunity to support the fundraising efforts of the AAF but still have a connection to the beards which we both love and hate. You can show your support by helping to select the person “Who Wore the Beard Best?”

Just click on the link to vote for who you think wore his/her beard best. Each dollar donated counts for one vote. The person receiving the most votes/dollars will receive a special gift basket for meeting his/her future grooming needs.

Please show your Love of Austin by placing your vote today.